The Triple Warmer Meridian 

Three Burners, for Life Energy Transformation

The Triple Warmer Meridian (also known as Sanjiao/Triple Burner/Heater/Energizer) is a yang meridian and is paired with the Pericardium Meridian.

The Triple Warmer Meridian Route

Triple Warmer Meridian Flow -

The Triple Warmer Meridian originates from the tip of the ring finger, by the outside corner of the nail, passes between the knuckles of the fourth and fifth fingers, on to the wrist.

From here it ascends between the two bones of the forearm (radius and ulna), through the tip of the elbow, and up the back of the arm to the shoulder.

It moves forward into the chest to connect with the pericardium, the upper burner, the abdomen and the middle and lower burners. Re-emerging from the chest at the collarbone, the meridian ascends the side of the neck and around the back of the ear.


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Body Meridians Book and Acu-Points Charts

Element: Fire

Physical Imbalances: Disorders of the side of the head, ears, eyes and throat as well as diseases involving the regions through which the meridian runs (gallbladder meridian, pericardium meridian, small intestine meridian)

When balanced: Kindhearted, stable mind and emotion of joy 

Peak Hours: 9 pm - 11 pm

Meridian Charts

This meridian is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing and protective energy.

It is a functional energy system, involved in regulating the activities of other organs, composed of three parts, known as 'burners', located in thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.

The Upper Burner controls intake, the Middle Burner controls transformation, the Lower Burner controls elimination.

One branch rises internally to meet the gallbladder meridian on the forehead, then descends to join the small intestine meridian on the cheek.

The superficial branch continues to the front of the ear and crosses to the outer corner of the eyebrow, where it again joins the gallbladder meridian.

Triple Warmer Meridian Acu-Points

Triple Warmer Meridian Points -

TW23 – Sizhukong - Headache, dizziness, redness and swelling and pain of the eye, twitching of the eyelid, toothache, epilepsy

TW22 – Headache, tinnitus

TW21 – Ermen - Tinnitus, deafness, toothache and swelling of cheeks

TW20 – Jiaosun - Migraine, mumps, neck rigidity, tinnitus, deafness, cataract, toothache

TW 19 and TW18 - Headache, tinnitus, deafness

TW17 - Yifeng - Facial paralysis, tinnitus, deafness, toothache, hiccup

Triple Warmer Meridian Points -

TW14 – Jianliao - Pain and limitation of the shoulder and arm

TW13 – Naohui - Spasm and pain of the shoulder and arm

TW12 – Xiaolou - Headache, neck rigidity, pain of the shoulder and back

TW11 – Qinglengyuan - Headache, yellowness of the eyes, pain of the upper extremities

TW10 – Tianjing - Migraine, deafness, spasmonic pain in elbow and arm, epilepsy

Triple Warmer Meridian Points -

TW9Sidu - Migraine, deafness

TW8 - Sanyangluo - Deafness, toothache, sore throat, sudden loss of voice and pain in upper limbs

TW7 - Huizong - Deafness and pain in upper limbs

TW6 - Zhigou - Sudden loss of voice, tinnitus, deafness, aching pain in shoulder and back, constipation

TW5 - Waiguan - Migraine, facial paralysis, tinnitus, deafness, common cold

TW4 - Yangchi - Tinnitus, deafness, sore throat, pain of wrist joint

Triple Warmer Meridian Points -

TW3 – Zhongzhu - Headache, dizziness, redness of the eye, tinnitus, deafness, sore throat, pain in the shoulder, back, elbow and arm, fingers unable to extend

TW2 – Yemen - Headache, malaria, sore throat, redness of the eye, deafness, numbness of the fingers

TW1 – Guanchong - Sore throat, headache, redness of the eye, deafness, tinnitus, high fever

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