Philosophy of Life

Philosophy of Life

There are many ways to approach the central questions of life. Most of us, have thought of this at one time or another.

We may have very different approaches...

The main idea here is to start a process... to think things through, if not for the first time, then again.

The concepts and principles we live by determine our daily actions... and from time to time, it is important to review these principles.

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Contemplating and understanding our personal philosophy of life, and figuring out why we do certain things the way we do them, will give us a better understanding of who we are... and what makes us tick... 

The following pages are ideas... and may or may not ring true with you. They might make us look at some things from a new perspective.

I'll be happy to hear about your philosophy of life... feel free to share.

We may still be living by principles and concepts from early childhood... "You have to finish everything on your plate..." 

A way to question our concepts and beliefs, is by using the four questions as presented by Byron Katie's "the Work"

Definition of Philosophy of life:

"An overall vision of or attitude toward life and the purpose of life, the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct."

If we want some of our life patterns to change, we should meditate and think about why we do certain things the way we do. 

Many of our actions are routines and habits… we have become used to certain ways even if they have a negative impact on life. 

Belief Systems

We live by certain belief systems - the way we were raised, the experiences we have gathered in life or also religious beliefs... Most belief systems are built and set at an early age and stay in place just the same way. A close look at these belief systems is necessary in order to understand more about the difficulties and restrictions we encounter in our day to day lives.

Some belief systems may be very helpful and good... and others not.

Low self-esteem… for example:

Changing low-self-esteem requires digging into the belief system. Then… engaging in a process to change the way we feel about ourselves. It may include challenging encounters and difficult steps… but it can be done. It requires work and dedication.

Fear of change is one of the biggest difficulties.

Because even though we might see and understand that the way we are living our life could be improved, we get stuck with the notion of the 'known', we often prefer staying in an old pattern… because we are fearful of the unknown, the new.

Natural Laws

Natural laws give us guidelines… we cannot change natural laws. Living with the understanding of these laws, gives us the tools for living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Going against natural laws leads to imbalance, stress and sickness.

It is good to understand about the things we cannot change... and not try to go against the natural flow. This would lead to imbalance.

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