Life in Balance

Roller Coaster Ride or a Stroll on a Breezy Beach...

Life in Balance - It's our Choice... 

Life in Balance -

Life in Balance

Every choice we make in life... every step we take sets the rules of balance in motion. Balance is not a static position we achieve in life.

Balance is a way of life.

Balance relates to everything... Everything eventually balances out... if we want it or not... 

Every one of our actions has an effect... if the effect is pleasurable and peaceful or stressful and painful... depends on our actions.

This site, Natural Health Zone is all about Balance:

Nature will always strive for a State of Balance...

So... if I eat certain unhealthy foods for a prolonged period of time... the balance to this action will be disease. Yes, even illness is a result of the natural law of balance (cause and effect).

The breaking point of Balance... will re-establish Balance. Life in Balance

Philosophy of Balance - Some Concepts
  • Balance Concept #1: One by itself cannot exist

One will always be composed of two - dualism.

There needs to be 2 of everything, 2 sides of a coin, yin and yang, plus and minus, negative and positive, expanding and contracting...

One by itself cannot exist, therefore to be in balance we need the second part to be in balance with. Life in Balance

The natural consequence of balance is that both parts or sides need to be equal.

  • Balance Concept #2: Equality

Everything which comes in a plural version is therefore equal, male and female are equal, different but equal.

A physical example: polarity - as in positive and negative charge -. Would anyone declare that one pole is better than the other?

Would it be possible, just to have the positive side?

You can have it... but it wouldn't do anything... to actually produce the energy which we need so much of, we need both.Life in Balance

  • Balance Concept #3: Energy Creation

If something is in balance, like the positive and negative pole of a battery, energy is created.

This opens up a new concept of balance.

For starters, if a man and a woman are living in balance, they will create energy, which means, they can achieve more together than they could have achieved as individuals. This energy sometimes is extended into synergy, where the sum of the whole far outweighs that of the individual.

However, if one of the couple is perceiving the other as not being an equal, no or less energy is created, down to the point, where by fighting or point scoring against each other, no energy is created at all and the outcome is zero.

  • Balance Concept #4: Breaking Point

Now we come to another principle of balance, which often is overlooked.

Not everything can be balanced, if either side becomes too extreme, the counter weight would break the balance altogether.  There is only so much which can be balanced.

When we reach the breaking point of balance... the time has come to re-evaluate our actions... to learn on how to balance our live in a way that will have the best possible outcome.

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