Five Elements Healing

Five Elements Healing and the Seasons of the Year

To Everything there is a Season, and to every Season there is a Rhythm...

In the Chinese system the five elements are not static forms - the more accurate translation would be: 'The Five Walks' or 'The Five Moves'. 

Five Elements Healing -

Water corresponds with the season of Winter

Wood with the season of Spring

Fire with the season of Summer

Earth with the time of the Solstice or Equinox

Metal with the season of Autumn.


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Five Elements Healing

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In the Chinese system the five elements are not static forms - the more accurate translation would be: 'The Five Walks' or 'The Five Moves'.

Every person is characterized by one of these elements or seasons (or a combination of them). In our life cycle we travel through different phases - corresponding to different elements. Each season with its own rhythm.

While all five elements are present in every person, one or a blend of two or three elements are dominant and form the personal rhythm. This tells us a great deal about that individual's health challenges, personality and spiritual journey.

Each element has certain strength and certain vulnerabilities.

When one element is excessively strong or weak, physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances may occur.

The Water Element

The Rhythm of Winter embodies the seed, the embryo, the potential.

Strong Water/Winter people embody a fresh spirit with childlike enthusiasm. Their energies may be limited, since their season has little sun, but they know how to retreat into themselves and regenerate.

They reflect deeply and talk slow. Their walk is unhurried and rolling like water.

Courage is their foundation... which under stress may turn into fear.


Kidney and Bladder Meridians

The Wood Element

The Rhythm of Spring - New Growth

Spring's rhythm embodies the power and insistence of new life.

Wood Element people are strong and claim their space. Their vision of truth and justice inspire others. They are sure of themselves with good judgement and wise decisions.

The spring person is at risk of becoming arrogant, inflexible and opinionated.

Wood Element people talk loudly, in choppy and skippy rhythm. Their walk also is choppy, hitting the ground with clear, concise movements.

When under stress the Spring person's assertiveness may turn into anger.


Gallbladder and Liver Meridians

The Fire Element

The Rhythm of Summer - Fulfillment

The energy of a Fire Element person is like wildfire, spreading in every direction with a rapid, random and wild rhythm.

Summer people act from their heart. They are warm, emphatic, joyful to exuberant characters.

They are charismatic people with the ability to pull their surrounding out of self-imposed limitations and spread confidence.

They talk with laughter and skip in their walk. They often talk with their hands, arms or even entire bodies.

When Fire Element people are stressed, their joy and passion may turn into panic and hysteria.


Heart and Small Intestine Meridians

Triple Warmer and Pericardium Meridians

Five Elements Healing

The Earth Element

The Rhythm of the Equinox - Late Summer - Harvest

Centered and in transition - in perfect balance... Earth Element people know about holding steady, symbol for justice, fairness, stability and being properly anchored.

Earth is the element of harvest time, abundance, nourishment, fertility, and the mother-child relationship.

Earth Element people's motion is patient, reliable, logical, governed by service and duty to others, militaristic, stubborn, very energetic in a steady, patient kind of way.


Stomach and Spleen Meridians

Five Elements Healing

The Metal Element

The Rhythm of Autumn - Ending

The Metal Element is also known as the Air Element.

It is the force of gravity, the minerals within the earth, the patterns of the heavenly bodies and the powers of electrical conductivity and magnetism.

Metal has structure, but it can also accept a new form when molten.

Metal Element people seem to be stretched between heaven and earth. The energies are serene, barren yet dignified.

Autumn embodies completion and the dying of the old making way for the new.

Autumn people have an urge for perfection and high achievements. What is perceived as impure - ideas, behavior, systems...- is eliminated.

Metal Element people understand the world's grief - out of this sadness they are able to bring forth kindness, honesty and integrity.

Autunm people may become overly serious or even sink into depression, shunning fun and lacking pleasure.

The talk of an autumn person has a weeping sound. Their walk is gliding, upright and tall with their head held high gazing forward.


Lung and Large Intestine Meridians

Five Elements Healing

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