The Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet -

Philosophy of Dynamic Living

The Macrobiotic Diet


Macro: Large in scope or extent; large-scale

Bio: life

Principles of Macrobiotic Diet

The principles of macrobiotic philosophy are basically:

Natural Laws of Life and Change

Once these principles are understood, they can help make our lives more balanced, healthy, meaningful, adventurous and happy.

Following the basic macrobiotic life and awareness principles helps get in touch with a more intelligent and spiritual way of living. 

The Macrobiotic Diet is one aspect of a Macrobiotic Lifestyle.

By using the principles of Macrobiotics, abstaining from certain foods, and following the standard macrobiotic diet, you can enhance your overall well-being.

Natural Principles

• The Principle of Opposites: Everything exists in opposition.

The Principle of Change: Everything changes!

The Principle of Cycles: All beginnings have endings, leading to new beginnings.

• The Principle of Front and Back: Every front has a back.

Principles of Awareness

As mentioned earlier Macrobiotics is a way of life and includes principles relating to our attitude and actions in daily life, becoming more aware and developing a better understanding of our feelings.

• Develop a generous spirit: The Principle of Abundance.

• Embrace responsibility and admit faults.

• Discover life via personal experience.

• Develop your intuition.

• Cultivate active appreciation.

• Make friends everywhere.

• Respect your elders.

• Be mindful of ecology.

• Practice economy of life:  Vivero parvo - take the minimum, or, no waste

• Discover humor.

• Practice self-reflection.

• Perfect the art of living.

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Health and Happiness

Health and happiness are the result of living in harmony with nature, while sickness is the consequence of acting, thinking, and living in a manner that is disharmonious. The way to approach sickness is to restore a condition of harmony and balance.

“Food is the chief of all things, the universal medicine... Food transmutes directly into body, mind, and spirit... creates our day-to-day health and happiness.”

~ Mishio Kushi

"Whatever problems we want to solve, we should start with ourselves. This is the Oriental approach. A happy society must be built on happy individuals. Every person's happiness depends on his health. Macrobiotics is neither merely a way of curing illness nor a mystical Oriental cuisine. Some people think it is a brown rice diet, others that it is a means of giving up pleasure at meals. How far from the truth these ideas are! Macrobiotics is a profound understanding of the orderliness of nature, the practical application of which enables us to prepare attractive, delicious meals, and achieve a happy and free life."

~ George Ohsawa

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