Chi Energy

There are many names for Chi Energy: ki, qi, prana, life force, healing energy or vital energy. Sometimes it’s referred to, as cosmic or universal energy. I’m sure there are more words for it…

The point is, that we are connected to it and because of it, we are alive. We have ways to access, channel and use it for healing - ourselves and others.

People often make it sound like something magic or mysterious, made to look as something extraordinary... a sensation... we can watch people use it to move objects for example, or ignite fires without a match. This, of course is very impressive, even dramatic. It is true. But this is not what this is about...

It is important to know, that everyone can feel and use this energy. Just because we are alive. Maybe we’ve become so convinced that everything is disconnected, that we are individuals with our personal life and space... alone here with our thoughts and wishes. We are all special and also individuals, but at the same time we are all connected by this energy of life. 

I relate to this energy as life itself. It is something amazing, but at the same time the most natural thing. It is life.

The meridians work with this energy, and also energy healing focuses this energy on the areas of our life which need healing. It’s the energy that gives us life and gives life to everything else around us. Every single process in our bodies is fueled by this energy.

Eating a nutritious and healthy diet will also strengthen the chi force in our bodies.

Exercising and keeping the body flexible and charged, is another good way to improve the chi flow.

How to direct Chi Energy

Chi and awareness are tied closely. We become aware by quieting our mind, becoming still. Deep breathing and focusing on inhaling and exhaling will quiet the mind. Following the path of our breath, will train awareness.

Once quiet, we can start moving our breath and with it, our focus and awareness, to areas we intend to direct the life energy. Chi energy is life. It will balance and bring healing to any area we focus on, through our breath and awareness. 

Will power should not be mistaken for awareness. This energy works differently. Calmness of the mind will make us more sensitive to it.

Intention and witnessing the outcome

Intention will direct life energy. We can use the help of visualization to focus our intent. Once we feel heat, tingling or even cold, building up in the area of our focus, it is important to remember to stay there for a while, and witness the healing. This is the secret of healing. 

Create a Chi energy ball between your hands

Just as described above, by quieting our mind and breathing into the area of our focus, a chi energy ball can be clearly felt between our hands. 

To feel this, hold your hands faced towards each other. Palm to palm. Rotate them, while holding them quite close to each other. Pull them apart, breathe, rotate them in the opposite direction… bring them closer together again. You might do this for a while until you can feel a distinct energy building up between the palms. It feels as if the hands are magnets with poles. Once the energy ball can be felt it becomes quite impossible to bring both hands together. We can place this ball onto anything in need of this life force. I often work this way with animals and plants. But it is also very effective for tiredness or headaches or any other ailments. I just place the energy ball on my head… or any other area I might need it. 

After placing it were I need it, I witness the healing. This is the most important part. 

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