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Turn on the music... Sound and Resonance 

Sound and resonance have been used in both healing and sacred performance, since ancient times.

Sound, both as pure tones and as music, affects an astonishing array of physiological and psychological conditions.

Sound, resonance and harmonics therapies have been found to equalize brain waves, increase the depth of breathing, slow the heart-beat and pulse, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and endorphin production, boost immune function, improve memory and learning, increase endurance and productivity, strengthen digestion and decrease depression... 

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'Some day, in the future, people will be cured by sounds. It will be very practical.'

Master Philippe of Lyon, 1898

Body Tuning with Singing Crystal Bowls

I find Sound and Resonance Treatments to be most effective.

I use Tuning forks and/or Tibetan singing bowls around or directly on the body... the results are remarkable!

For a full-length Crystal Singing Bowl Healing MP3 - Please click here...

Sound and Resonance

Vibration Sound Healing Background

The earliest form of music healing was the vocal chant a mono-tonal and rhythmic chant, the rhythm being based on length of breath and heart beat. Later, gourd rattles and drums were added - spiritual powers was attributed to them. 

Sound and Resonance healing was regarded as an effective and acceptable healing method until the establishment of modern medicine 150 years ago. 

Voice, sound and music healing was forced into the background and thought of as primitive and 'uncivilized'. 

Today - Many types of vibration and frequency sound healing are re-discovered including chanting, music, vocal toning, tuning and drumming...

The process of healing with sound works because of its ability to calm the mind, by 'suspending' much of the normal day to day conscious activity. 

During a relaxed state, we can access the deep realms of consciousness, which allows the subconscious part of the mind to activate and re-energize (harmonize) disruptive conditions.

Equally... disruptive, disharmonious sound can disorganize thought processes and create a tense, disharmonic state in the body.

I also believe that frequencies penetrate every cell of our body... the cell respond through resonance.. and become tuned to the frequency of the sound.

Sound and Resonance

What are Cymatics?

Sound vibration visualized...

The following TED speech sums it up...

'cymatic therapists direct healing frequencies into the body to restore resonance and harmony. The healing frequencies are related to those emitted by a healthy organ or body part. In this way, cymatic healers say, the immune system and other natural regulatory functions are stimulated.

Frequencies may be applied directly, or transmitted along acupuncture meridians.

Cymatic therapy does not directly heal, practitioners say. Rather, it creates a near-optimal environment for organs or cells. In such an environment, the body can heal itself without drugs or surgical intervention. The therapy may also be delivered with the use of instruments such as tuning forks.'

Nirupama Desai M.D. Homeopathy 

Notes and Frequencies...

Personally, when using tuning forks or Tibetan Singing bowls I don't think of the pitch or frequency of different organs of the body... I tend to trust my intuition... I find that lower notes penetrate deeper... higher notes and frequencies... are more 'mental' and soothe and balance the nerves... and outer layers.

Octaves (Harmonics)

Octaves appear in many places:

time, the musical vibrations of sound, and in the electro - magnetic spectrum (infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, and beyond).

In music, the doubling of sound frequencies represents an octave. The frequency of the highest note in an octave is exactly two times the frequency of the lowest note in the octave. Within an octave we progress through the seven “natural” musical notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B and arrive at C again - one octave higher.

There is a striking similarity between the musical octaves and the octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum that we see as visible light.

Just as in music with its seven natural notes, we commonly say that there are 7 distinct colors in the spectrum of the rainbow.

The 7 Notes of the Octaves of Light and Music

Colors have their corresponding Sounds... from a frequency point of view... each color and sound will affect a chakra center... it's all is connected.... these are main Meridian Acupoints... which will affect certain organ systems... as well as corresponding emotional centers.



Root Chakra



Spleen Chakra



Solar Plexus



Heart Chakra



Throat Chaka



Third Eye




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Numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of music: it can lower blood pressure and heart and respiratory rates; reduce cardiac complications; increase the immune response; and boost our natural opiates. Gaynor shows how, when integrated as part of a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness, music can play a significant part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or in healing serious disease. The Healing Power of Sound includes twelve exercises involving breathing, meditation, and "toning"—using pure vocal sound to resolve tension, release emotion, and spur the healing process—that can be used by anyone to improve health and quality of life.

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