Balancing Emotions for Well-Being

Balancing emotions

The idea that mind and emotions are important in illness, is integral to Chinese medicine. In this medicine, emotions are considered to be generated in the body and transmitted through Qi Energy.

Thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, impact our Qi flow. With balanced energy flow we can improve our health and well-being.

Emotions have impact on how we feel, how much enthusiasm and appetite we have for life, and how healthy we are in general.

Where do Emotions happen?

It may sound strange at first, but emotions are directly connected to, and happen in the body.

The word “passion” would convey the idea of mental suffering better than “emotion” also because it implies the idea of something that is “suffered”, something that we are subject to. 

Indeed, feelings such as sadness, fear and anger become causes of disease when they take over our mind, and we no longer possess them but they “possess” us. 

Emotions are mental stimuli which influence our life.

Under normal circumstances, they are not a cause of disease. Hardly any human being can avoid being angry, sad, aggrieved, worried, or afraid at some time in his or her life but those states will not lead to long lasting disharmony.

The emotions become causes of disease only when they are either long-lasting, or very intense.

There are seven main emotions:

Anger - affects the Liver 

Joy - affects the Heart

Sadness - affects the Lungs and Heart

Worry - affects the Lungs and Spleen

Pensiveness - affects the Spleen

Fear - affects the Kidneys

Shock - affects the Heart

Read more about the seven emotions...

The idea that emotions are somatic - or body events - is more and more accepted even in 'main stream' medicine. It makes sense.

Acupressure is an ideal tool for balancing emotions.

Feelings and their locations

Although everyone is different, many people share the same association between what they feel and where they feel it.

Location of Emotion

Pelvic bowel

Lower abdomen

Upper abdomen


Balanced Emotion



Personal power

Love/ Happiness

Unbalanced Emotion





Emotions and the Meridians

Each meridian is generally named after the organ it governs. Each organ generates, stores an distributes an emotional quality.

When out of balance the organs generate the following emotions - one organ generates the other expresses it:

Liver: Generates anger, frustration, irritability and resentment.

Gallbladder: Expresses anger and depression

Lung: Generates grief and sadness

Large intestine: Expesses grief

Kidney: Generates fear

Bladder: Expresses fear

Spleen: Generates worry and pensiveness

Stomach: Expresses worry

Heart: Generates joy as well as anxiety and shock

Small intestine: Distributes emotions of the heart

Pericardium: Protects the heart from excess and shock

Triple Warmer: Distributes emotions of the heart

Balancing emotions

Look at what is generating the emotion and how it is being expressed.

For example:

If you are worried and anxious, check the balance of stomach and spleen meridians.

Source Points for Emotional Well-Being

The meridians have special points with balancing effect over the entire meridian. They are called source points and balance a meridian whether it is empty or full. 

It is potent any time.

All source points are located on the hands and feet, making it easy to give ourselves a good self-balancing session.

Balancing emotions

Balancing Emotions - Source Points

LU9 - Source Point for the lung meridian. Regulates and tonifies lung Qi and Yin Qi.

LI4 - Source point for the large intestine meridian. Regulates large intestine qi and moistens the colon. Stimulates downward flowing energy.

SP3 - Source Point for the spleen meridian. Regulates and tonifies the spleen and clears heat.

ST42 - Source Point for the stomach meridian. Regulates the stomach and calms the spirits

HT7 - Source Point for the heart meridian. Regulates and tonifies the heart. Calms he spirit and balances emotions.

SI4 - Source Point for the small intestine. Invigorates Qi.

KI3 - Source Point for the kidney. Tonifies, regulates and stabilizes kidney Qi

Balancing emotions

BL64 - Source Point for the bladder. Regulates the bladder and calms the spirit.

PC7 - Source Point for heart protector - Pericardium. Regulates and clears excess fire from the heart. Calms and sedates the body and mind.

TW4 - Source Point for the gall bladder. Regulates and transforms bladder Qi

GB40 - Source Point for the gall bladder. Regulates and transforms gall bladder Qi

LV3 - Source Point for the liver. Regulates and tonifies liver Qi. Provides an overall calming effect.

CV17 - Meeting Point for the conception vessel. Calms the spirit and harmonizes yin Qi

GV14 - Meeting Point for the governing vessel. Facilitates and invigorates Qi flow and harmonizes yang Qi.

To balance the points, press in circular motion until you feel a change. Then pulse pressure on the point for another while.

If a 24-point session is too long, find each point but treat only the one that are sore.

End your session with CV17 and GV14.

These two points promote great relaxation.

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