The Raw Food Diet

Organic Raw Food Diet

Eat and Drink your Way back to Health... naturally!

'Nature itself is the best physician...

...If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.'

~ Hippocrates

The Raw Food Diet

It was absolutely enlightening, when I first tried it.

Although I was open to 'new' ideas, it first seemed to me, that this idea was really 'out there'.

Why? I can't really say...? It now makes perfect sense to me...

It is the way we, humans ate, before humanity tamed fire.

And then, it seemed really odd, that most of the food we eat today, is everything else but raw... unprocessed and uncooked.

With my nutritional background... I had become used to the idea of cooking food... I didn't question this... 

Meat and Dairy products had become controversial for a while... at least in my life... but raw foods? That seemed strange, for some reason.

Trying the Raw Food Diet

I started researching the idea, then I tried it – and it was - and still is - an amazing experience!

Within a few days, I really could feel the difference in energy and vitality.

It makes sense... and from here... I recommend it with all my heart. I personally enjoy it most, in the summer, when it's warm. In the winter, the yin and yang balance of my system needs warmth (Yang)... more than a raw food diet supplies. 

I do recommend using it at your own pace... it is wonderful! It isn't a religion... it's just a way to really feel a change for the better.

What makes a raw food diet so special?

Shouldn't it be the most natural idea to us?... Have we moved so far away from nature, that we forgot what food looks like?

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Watch these videos and see how you can reverse diabetes, over-weight, arthritis and many other health conditions... just by eating nutritious, fresh and uncooked food.

The amazing fact is, that you will see changes happen very quickly... and all this, just by changing your eating habits!

Try it! You will see for yourself!

What is Raw Food Diet?

Raw foods consist of unprocessed, uncooked (raw) foods. Simple!

In order to give the body maximum charge - we should focus on 'LEAFY GREENS'.

What does this mean?

Look at nature!

What is the MAIN stuff that grows?

Greens! Concentrate on GREENS!

LEAVES! and WEEDS! Not too much fruit.

From a Macrobiotic Yin/Yang balance point of view, most fruit contains large amounts of sugar, which makes it Yin... this will have an expanding, cold and un-focused effect on our body - and mind. Too much sugar makes us hyperactive and out of focus... 

Since uncooked foods are more Yin in their nature, it is best to stick to greens, roots and not-sweet variety.

OK? ... An easy, tasty and healthy way to get the most from greens for your health is through juicing and making healthy smoothies.

My recommendation:

In my opinion, the best juicer BY FAR is the Hurom Slow Juicer. I have one standing on the kitchen counter, always ready for use... 

I tried many other juicers before this one... 

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11 Noble Silver with Cookbook

"Raw is Primitive"

The idea of cooking foods came with human control of fire... this makes sense... With fire humans started their journey to their 'power over nature'. This control led way to incredible achievements - and also - to a state of chronic disease.

The chemical make-up of the foodstuff changes when heated (cooked) - sometimes even the calories are augmented - yes! isn't that strange?... and much of the nutrients and vitamins are destroyed by heat.

So... basically, when cooking our food, we are giving the body lots of energy: calories, but even so, we are still hungry because we lack the nutrients... 

If you are interested in trying... I recommend a gentle start.

You will benefit from an increase in raw foods, no matter how far you take it – 100% raw, 50% or just increase the amount of raw foods you eat.

Changing to a Healthy Diet...

I have met people, having a hard time eating fully raw – they may suffer from a 'cold' feeling.

This is related to the climate they live in, or the basic yin-yang constitution they have.

In colder climates, the yin of the cold climate, affects the balance of the yin and yang in the body. Uncooked, cold foods are, in general of a more Yin nature.

Cooking food – heating it – makes the food 'more' Yang.

Try a combination of the Macrobiotic Diet and the Raw Food Diet.

This gives the benefits of both worlds... this is how I like to balance my diet. More raw in the summer... more cooked in the winter.

Raw - Step by step

If you have been living on a 'regular' diet for most of your life – at first you might experience some uncomfortable sensations of detoxification on starting a raw food diet.

With this change, the body dumps toxins, which are held in the fat cells, into our blood stream. Headaches, cold, or sore sensation may be the result.

This is a positive process… but still… it causes the body to send messages of craving – basically a withdrawal signal to the brain – just like in other addictions. Yes... addiction!

The Gerson Therapy is a diet, not entirely raw, with the idea of detoxifying the system and giving it the nutrients it needs... in order to heal itself. It is similar to the macrobiotic diet.

You will feel better every day... you will actually not be able to understand, how you could ever eat the 'food' you ate before.

In order to minimize withdrawal, take it easy... don't try to change everything in one day.

As your body gets stronger, and with this your mind clears, you will find the exact right balance, for you...

one step at a time! Small ones

The basic raw food diet recipes are important for an easy start into the diet. We find ourselves so stuck in the habit of cooking, that it first makes us feel helpless... what is there to eat, if it's not cooked?

Basic raw food recipes – and use your imagination!

You will re-discover the 'simple' tastes... 

You might consider adding some Kitchen Appliances and Equipment. 

And find a support system...

Negative input

I went through it... you probably will, too.

You will hear over and over again, from your co-workers, friends and even family, that what you are doing is WRONG – and unhealthy.

People will tell you that you are harming yourself, that you need to eat REAL food, that you are CRAZY... yes!

It is good to find people you can talk to... 

This is important – support is important, especially in the beginning... since you will go through some challenges...

You might start a diary or a blog... write down the improvements, set-backs, etc... over time...

It's a process... you might as well experiment and play!

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