The Body Meridians - Book and Wall Charts


Now, a complete package! 

"The Body Meridians" Book with all acu-points described... and a set of 9 large, printable Charts... 

1. Body Meridians Book - 75 page PDF file

$ 2.50


2. Meridian and Acu-points Wall Charts - 9 x A3 sheets PDF file

$ 2.50


1 + 2 Body Meridian Book and Acu-points Charts - reduced price

$ 4.00


1. Body Meridian Flows and Acu-points Book

For you, my dear readers, I finally got around to compiling this little PDF book.

So many of you have asked for it... 

Most of the information in this booklet is available here on the website. 

But it is a very handy little book, and makes things a lot easier. It is best used together with the Charts... but has all the information you will need... stand alone.

For $2.50, you will receive a 74-page PDF file


What's in the book?   View Table of Contents
  • The Body Meridians, with meridian flow charts and illustrations of the acu-points on each meridian, and explanation for each point's use.
  • The Vessels 
  • The Extraordinary Acu-points
  • The Ear Acu-points
  • The Meridian Clock (illustration), with active/passive times for each meridian.
  • Five Elements Healing (illustration), with explanation for each element.
  • The Principles of Chi, Yin and Yang.

2. Meridian Flows and Acu-Point Wall Charts - Printable Acu-points Charts

It took a long time, but now it's finally done! The complete acu-puncture/pressure charts... printable on 9 sheets of A3 format paper... (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches).

Included are:

  • The Body Meridian Flows and acu-points
  • The Vessels
  • The Extraordinary Acu-points
  • The Ear Areas and Acu-points
  • The Meridian Clock
  • The Five Elements

These 9 sheets can be purchased at for $2.50, as high resolution PDF files - you print.

Detailed instructions for installation are at the bottom of sheet no. 9.

It is best to work with both: The Charts and the explanatory Body Meridian Book... see bellow.

For $2.50 you will receive nine A3 formatted PDF files - for your own print. 


1+2  Reduced Price for both Wall Charts and Book

For $4.00 you will receive BOTH... the 9 Acu-point Meridian Wall Charts and the 74-pages explanatory Meridian Book. In PDF files, for own printing.

You will receive the files "zipped".


For online opening of the zipped files,, is very helpful. Please give it some time... these are large files. 


With best wishes!

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