The Handy little PDF Book is finally out!

"The Body Meridians" Book

Meridian Flows and Acu-Point Charts

For you, my dear readers, I finally got around to compiling this little PDF book.

So many of you have asked for it... 

Most of the information in this booklet is available here on the website. 

But it is a very handy little book, and makes things a lot easier.

For $2.50, you will receive a 60 page PDF file

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What's in the book?   View Table of Contents
  • The Body Meridians, with meridian flow charts and illustrations of the acu-points on each meridian, and explanation for each point's use.
  • The Meridian Clock (illustration), with active/passive times for each meridian.
  • Five Elements Healing (illustration), with explanation for each element.
  • The Principles of Chi, Yin and Yang.

With best wishes!

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