Body Meridians and Acu-Points Made Simple

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about how to start using body meridians and acu-points, to holistically heal your body, then this is going to be well worth your time to read.

From: Chana Rosenberg, Thursday 10:52 AM

After spending countless hours researching and working on this, I’ve taken all of my practices and learnings through the years and compiled them in my eBook and wall chart package.  I’m very proud of the finished product.

It's amazing, because it covers nearly every bit of information you ever wanted to know about body meridians, flow charts, and acu-points, plus more...

While my website has some great information, the organization of the eBook and additional information included, will help you put these incredible healing concepts to use right away.

Just imagine enjoying the healing benefits of these practices within 7 days (or less) without spending a fortune with expensive holistic healing practitioners.

I have been practicing, teaching and researching these ancient techniques for over 8 years!

In that time, I've developed a foolproof package for quickly absorbing and putting to use these very techniques to maximize the health, healing and balance benefits in your life right away, and virtually eliminate the things that limit progress.

I've compiled all my knowledge into an easy to follow, downloadable package called...

"The Body Meridians Flows and Acu-Points Book" PLUS "Acu-Point Wall Charts" Combo."

This package is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know about Body Meridians and acu-points, and help you maximize the incredible healing benefits of this life changing practice.

I know that's a bold promise and it might sound a little "over the top" ...but it's true, and I can back up every word.

Here Are Three Good Reasons to Believe Me When I Say You Can Start Enjoying these Benefits Right Away

  1. Over 986 other people seeking the benefits of holistic healing are using this very same package you’ll be using.
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The bottom line is this:

My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you ...just like it's worked for over 986 other people, looking to improve their health through body meridians and acu-points, before you.

  • If you’re completely new to learning about body meridians and acu-points, this will work for you.
  • If you’ve tried to learn about body meridians and acu-points in the past, but never fully understood the ideas, this is for you.
  • If you know quite a bit about body meridians and acu-points and just need a detailed eBook and wall charts to reference, this is for you.

In my system I will teach you the most detailed parts of body meridians and acu-points.  From the very detailed specifics, including acu-point locations and descriptions, to the how and why of getting the most from these techniques.

Of course, it’s also the perfect quick reference guide, when you need an answer quickly.

My sure-fire body meridian and acu-point wall chart package has been tested, tweaked, and used on by over 986 people looking to learn more.

The reason why it's so popular is simple: It just works.

There's nothing like it available...not in bookstores, at, or even on the internet.

See, what most people don't realize is that body meridians and acu-points are extremely simple.  You just need the information laid out in the right way to be able to put it to use.

Even if you're a total beginner and haven't got a clue where to start, you can know the basics within hours, and have a deep understanding within days!

There are essentially 6 main things you need to know about body meridians and acu-points

  • The tying together of the body meridians, with meridian flow charts and illustrations of the acu-points on each meridian, with explanation for each point's use.
  • How to use body meridians and acu-points help restore health and balance to your life.
  • Well illustrated acu-points, detailing the location and specific healing benefits of each.
  • Five Elements Healing (illustration), with explanation for each element, and how to use them for holistic healing.
  • The Principles of Chi, Yin and Yang, and why it’s so vital to understand them.
  • The Meridian Clock (illustration), with active/passive times for each meridian.

"The Body Meridians Flows and Acu-Points Book PLUS Acu-Point Wall Charts Combo" covers all of this, and a lot more.  And when you read it, you’ll be blown away with how simple it really can be.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

In the 74 page "Body Meridians Flows and Acu-Points eBook", you'll learn about everything you see here and more.
  • The Body Meridians
  • The Energy Network of the Body
  • The Body Meridian System
  • The 12 primary, paired meridians
  • The 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • The 2 single mid/central- meridians Extraordinary Acupoints
  • The Stomach Meridian
  • Stomach Meridian Acu-Points
  • The Spleen Meridian
  • Spleen Meridian Acu-Points
  • The Heart Meridian
  • Heart Meridian Acu-Points
  • The Small Intestine Meridian
  • Small Intestine Meridian Acu-Points 
  • The Bladder Meridian 
  • Bladder Meridian Acu-Points 
  • The Kidney Meridian 
  • Kidney Meridian Acu-Points 
  • The Pericardium Meridian 
  • Pericardium Meridian Acu-Points 
  • The Triple Warmer Meridian 

  • Triple Warmer Meridian Acu-Points
  • The Gallbladder Meridian
  • Gallbladder Meridian Acu-Points
  • The Liver Meridian 
  • Liver Meridian Acu-Points 
  • The Lung Meridian
  • Lung Meridian Acu-Points 
  • The Large Intestine Meridian 
  • Large Intestine Acu-Points 
  • The Extraordinary Vessels 
  • The Governor Vessel 
  • Governor Vessel Acu-Points 
  • Conception Vessel Meridian
  • Conception Vessel Acu-Points
  • Thoroughfare Vessel 
  • Belt Vessel 
  • Yin Heel Vessel 
  • Yang Heel Vessel 
  • Yin Link Vessel 
  • Yang Link Vessel 
  • Extraordinary Acupoints 
  • Extraordinary Acupoints of the Head and Neck
  • Extraordinary Acupoints on the Back 
  • Extraordinary Acupoints on the Abdomen 
  • Extraordinary Acupoints on the upper Limbs 
  • Extraordinary Acupoints on the lower Limbs 
  • The Meridian Clock  
  • The Meridian times - General Overview
  • Five Elements Healing 
  • The Water Element
  • The Wood Element 
  • The Fire Element 
  • The Earth Element 
  • The Metal Element 
  • The Principles of Yin and Yang 
  • Yin–Yang Classification 
  • Ear Acupuncture 
  • Distribution of auricular acupoints 
  • Commonly used Ear Acupoints 
  • Helix 
  • Scapha 
  • Antihelix 
  • Triangular Fossa 
  • Tragus 
  • Antitragus 
  • Concha 
  • Ear Lobule 
  • Bone Length Measurements

Not just that, but in the "Acu-Point Wall Charts" contain everything below.

The complete acu-puncture/pressure charts, printable on 9 sheets of A3 format paper... (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches)

Everything here and more are included.

  • The Body Meridian Flows and acu-points
  • The Vessels
  • The Extraordinary Acu-points
  • The Ear Areas and Acu-points
  • The Meridian Clock
  • The Five Elements

Take a look!  All fully illustrated and printable!

That’s why this is truly a bargain at $9.97.

Why am I making this so affordable? Simple, because you see... Since it's a digital eBook package, my costs to deliver it to you are small compared to if I had to actually print it out (Which would raise the costs to $19.97)

Even if you think that this is a bargain of a life time..., I will have to raise the price from $9.97 to at least $19.95.  

I'm offering it at this low price because this entire "internet sale" is part of a marketing test I'm trying out. Frankly, I plan to raise the price by an extra $5.00 (at least) in the very near future.

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"The Body Meridians Flows and Acu-Points Book PLUS Acu-Point Wall Charts Combo" is pennies on the dollar considering what secrets you'll discover in this amazing package.

Here's something else I'll do for you to make this the best investment you'll ever make when it comes to holistic healing.

FREE BONUS #1: "Chakra Balancing MP3"

This amazing bonus #1 is all about sound frequencies that can powerfully help facilitate health and balance.

This Chakra Balancing MP3 (playable on any music player, phone, computer or tablet) is a music track my daughter and I made using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, chimes and Tibetan Singing Bowls and various hand drums.

The sound resonates and vibrates in harmony.  Every cell of the body benefits from 'bathing' in these sounds. 

Listen to it, whenever you need some extra tranquility in your life...

FREE BONUS #2: “Healing Relaxation MP3”

With this bonus you’ll get an audio MP3 (playable on any music player, phone, computer or tablet) with soft soothing background music helping you directly connect with every word of this healing relaxation script.

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus #2, you’ll have another tool to help you on your holistic healing journey.

It begins with a passive muscle relaxation, and then guides you to imagine your body healing itself.

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Just imagine how easy it'll be to get you in the right frame mind to once you have these tools... Plus the bonuses are yours totally free when you order the "The Body Meridians Flows and Acu-Points Book PLUS Acu-Point Wall Charts Combo".

I'm not sure how long I'll keep these bonuses here, "The Body Meridians Flows and Acu-Points Book PLUS Acu-Point Wall Charts Combo" alone is worth so much more than the $9.97.

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For just $9.97 (A fraction of what it would cost to see a practitioner in person) - you'll get more information than you can handle - PLUS more. But also keep in mind that this is the only place you can get your hands on this product right now (You can instantly download it).

Even at a higher price, it'd be a bargain, because it works so well.

I know from first hand, personal experience that it does and I'm so confident you'll love it that I'm offering the following guarantee:

This will be the most complete Body Meridians and Acu-Point package you’ve ever seen, or else, I’ll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back And Still Let You Keep This Entire Package For FREE!



You heard me correctly. This amazing package is guaranteed to work for you. And I stand behind it 100%. Test drive it for 45 days.

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Chana Rosenberg

P.S. Remember, you're getting The Body Meridians eBook AND the printable Acu-Points Wall Charts.  Both of these, PLUS 2 hot bonuses. That's over $50 in value you'll get for just $9.97. Just click the blue link below and you can order securely through PayPal.

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