Self Growth...

The first question to ask ourselves is: What do I want to achieve? What do I want to change about myself, my life?

For most people it is Happiness.

We cannot change reality, but we can change how we feel, understand and embrace reality. 

Self growth is the result of contemplating, out of deep understanding, and making the changes.

Changes are very difficult to achieve using only will power... understanding, and becoming aware of the source of the problem, will provide the needed direction and motivation, to start the process of changing... and growing.

Self Growth requires the longing and an openness to making changes - the realization that only working on one self, is going to make the difference.

Teachers (everyone) and tools will help on the way to self growth.

Happiness is going the way. Being here, exploring and being in the process.

Happiness is not somewhere far away in the future... 

There are many ways to help us grow and make the changes we have identified in stillness, and show us the next step to take.

Only I can take the steps to make the changes... for myself.

Nobody else is responsible for a life of suffering, only I myself am.

I am also responsible for my own happiness.

Self Growth - Tools

This entire website is about tools, which I have found helpful, to change and improve life experience. Below you will find a few of them...  

In the Philosophy of life page lists different aspects of cause and effect...

I hope are inspiring, and let us go deeper into understanding. I believe that each person is unique, and will find their own unique answers. 

We are also similar, with similar problems. This is where we can get inspired and find ourselves in others.

Feel free to comment, write and submit your own articles...

Other Self Growth and Healing Paths

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