The Small Intestine Meridian

Sorting of the Pure and Impure... - Small Intestine Meridian

The small intestine meridian is a yang meridian and is paired with the heart yin meridian.

It receives and transforms food by separating the Pure from the Impure, with the Pure becoming bodily fluids and the Impure becoming urine - this function also operates on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

This meridian is responsible for digestion, water absorption, nutrient absorption and bowel functions.

The Small Intestine Meridian Route

The Small Intestine Meridian starts from the tip of the little finger and crosses the wrist. It runs upwards along the posterior side of the forearm until it reaches the back of shoulder where it ends at the uppermost part of the back (the bottom of the neck). At this position, it travels externally across the neck and cheek until it reaches the outer corner of the eye and then ends in the ear.

Element: Fire

Physical Imbalances:
Signs include bluish lips with white border, emaciation, profuse sweating, swellings of nodules, hemicrania, tinnitus, pain around the ear, and pain depressing the abdomen.

Emotional Imbalances:
A feeling of mental deficiency due to inability to assimilate ideas, and insecurity. Forgetfulness, indecision, unclear thought process. Restlessness and difficulty in expressing emotions.

When Balanced:
Healthy expressions are love, joy, warmth, vitality, excitement, memory, ability in making decisions, clarity of thought.

Peak Hours: 1-3 pm

Chakra: Root Chakra - Base Chakra

Root Vegetables such as turnips and celery. Bitter greens (spinach, kale...).

Meridian Acu-Points


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The Small Intestine Meridian Acu-Points

SI19 - Tinggong - Tinnitus, deafness, otorrhea (discharge from the ear), Toothache, dysfunction of the maxillary joint

SI18 - Quanliao - Twitching of eyelids, facial paralysis, tooth ache, swelling of the cheek - Small Intestine Meridian - Small Intestine Meridian

SI17 - Tianrong - Tinnitus, deafness, sore throat, swelling and pain of the neck

SI16 - Sore throat, sudden loss of voice, pain and rigidity of the neck, tinnitus, deafness

SI15 - Jianzhongshu - Cough, asthma, pain in the shoulder and back

SI14 - Jianwaishu - Pain or stiffness in the shoulder and back, cough, asthma

SI13 - Quyuan - Pain in the shoulder and scapular region

SI12 - Bingfeng - Pain in the shoulder and scapular region, aching and numbness of the upper extremities

SI11 - Tianzong - Pain in the shoulder and arm, asthma, cough, brest abscess

SI10 - Naoshu - Pain in the shoulder and arm

SI9 - Jianzhen - Pain in the shoulder and arm, tinnitus, deafness - Small Intestine Meridian - Small Intestine Meridian

SI8 - Xiaohai - Pain in the elbow and arm, epilepsy

SI7 - Zhizheng - Headache, dizziness, depressive, stiff neck, weakness of the joints, aching and dysfunction of the elbow, warts

SI6 - Yanglao - Blurred vision, aching of the shoulder, back, elbow and arm, acute lumbar pain

SI5 - Yanggu - Neck pain, headache, redness, swelling and pain in the eyes, tinnitus, deafness, mania, epilepsy, pain of the hand and wrist

SI4 - Wangu - Jaundice, cataract, tinnitus, deafness, pain in the lumbar and leg, contracture of the fingers, pain in the wrist, weakness to hold things in the hand, pain and rigidity of the head and neck

SI3 - Houxi - Pain and rigidity of the head and neck, redness, swelling and pain in the eyes, sore throat, mania, pain in the lumbar and sacrum, acute spasm in the finger, elbow and arm, epilepsy, deafness

SI2 - Qiangu - Numbness of the fingers, fever, headache, tinnitus, deafness

SI1 - Shaoze - Apoplexy, loss of consciousness, insufficient lactation, sore throat - Small Intestine Meridian

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