The Meridian Flush... and Meridian Tracing

Balancing the Meridian Energy Flows

The Meridian Flush and Meridian Tracing are very helpful tools we can use the re-establish balance.

Study the Acupressure Points Chart... learn and repeat each meridian and its direction… one at a time. Don’t try to remember them all at once.

Follow the outline of a meridian, with one finger or with several fingers held closely together. 

Following a meridian in the normal flow direction is strengthening, while tracing in the opposite direction will calm and sedate the meridian.

Many times sedating the meridian is advised… we often think: ‘stronger is better’...

Balance is the key.


  • Pain and inflammation along the course of a meridian or in its target organ call for sedation
  • Coldness and weakness call for stimulation

Meridian Tracing Technique

Pause with your fingers for a moment at the starting-point of the meridian (Acu-point # 1 of each meridian) then follow the meridian in an even, fluent motion. The fingers should be close to the body. They may touch the skin or clothing but do not actually need to touch.

Any part you cannot reach with your hands, just visualize the pathway and continue where you can reach to continue the flow.

In repeated tracings move the hands back to the starting point of the meridian.

Trace all the main meridians once or several times daily, or concentrate on the meridians most in need of improvement.

The meridian system allows us to understand why many disease symptoms appear in certain body parts when the originating cause is a weak or inflamed organ in a different location.

Meridian Flush

A technique called Meridian Flush is basically a strong stimulation of a particular meridian, keeping the flow open and preventing blockages.

Trace a meridian backwards once and then forwards 3 times... is a good way to clear any stagnant energy.

See also: Toxin Flush

How it works

The meridian charts with route and acupressure points show the surface path of the meridians. Each of the meridians connects to its associated organs inside the body.

An unbalanced energy pattern of an organ is easily transmitted to other body parts along the course of the meridian.

Some examples:

  • Diseases of the ear, migraine and hip problems can now be seen energy-wise to be associated with the gallbladder.
  • Arthritis of the hip is often a gallbladder problem, while arthritis of the shoulders may have its cause in the intestines.
  • Gout affecting the big toes, stems from the liver, while swollen ankles are related to the kidneys.
  • Combine meridian tracing with the information from the Meridian Clock, the Five Elements and the 7 Emotions to pinpoint meridian energy levels and target specific problems.


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