The Large Intestine Meridian

Minister of Transportation - large intestine meridian

The Large Intestine Meridian is a yang meridian and paired with the Lung Meridian.

It controls the transformation of digestive wastes from liquid to solid state and transports the solids outwards for excretion through the rectum.

It plays a major role in the balance and purity of bodily fluids and assists the lungs in controlling the skin's pores and perspiration.

Meridian Route

This meridian begins by the outside corner of the index fingernail.

It runs along the edge of the finger, between the two tendons of the thumb at the wrist joint and along the outer edge of the arm to the elbow.

It continues to the outside of the shoulder muscle, then crosses the shoulder blade and travels upward over the muscle at the side of the neck to the cheek, passing through the lower gums, then over the top lip.

The large intestine meridian ends beside the nostril.

Element: Metal

Physical Imbalances:

Paired with the lungs, the large intestine depends on the lungs for movement via the expansion  and contraction of the diaphragm, which works like a pump to give impetus to peristalsis by regulating abdominal pressure.

Sluggish bowels may be stimulated by deep diaphragmic breathing and by tonifying lung energy.

Congested lungs and clogged bronchial passages may be cleared by purging the bowels.

Symptoms of abdominal pain, intestinal cramping, diarrhea, constipation and dysentery as well as as disorders of the mouth, teeth, nose and throat.

Emotional Imbalances:

The Large Intestine meridian is affected by the emotions of sadness, grief, and worry.

An energetic imbalance in the Large Intestine can result in physical weakness and provoke emotional introversion, accompanied by feelings of depression, irritability, discouragement, distress and apathy and low self-esteem

Peak Hours: 5am-7am

Meridian Charts


Body Meridians - Meridian Flows and Meridian Acu-Point Charts 

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Body Meridians Book and Acu-Points Charts

Large Intestine Acu-Points - large intestine meridian

LI1 - Shangyang - Apoplexy, coma, toothache, deafness, numbness of the fingers, high fever

LI2 - Erjian - Toothache, facial paralysis, dry mouth, sore throat, numbness of the fingers

LI3 - Sanjian - Toothache, epistaxis, sore throat, swelling and pain of the dorsum of the hand, numbness of the fingers, somnolence

LI4 - Hegu - Redness, swelling and pain of the eyes, facial paralysis, toothache, swelling and pain of the throat, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, dysentry, common cold, cough, sweating

LI5 - Yangxi - Headache, toothache, tinnitus, deafness, mania, epilepsy, pain in the wrist - large intestine meridian - large intestine meridian

LI6 - Pianli - Tinnitus, deafness, toothache, facial paralysis, pain in forearm

LI7 - Wenliu - Headache, sore throat, abdominal pain and aching pain in shoulder and arm

LI8 Xia Lian – Pain in the arm and elbow, headache, indigestion, diarrhea

LI9 - Shang Lian - Pain in the arm, indigestion, nausea, constipation

LI10 - Shousanli - Toothache, swelling of cheeks, abdominal pain, diarrhea, numbness of the upper limbs

LI11 - Quchi - Toothache, redness, swelling and pain of the eyes, sore throat, abdominal pain, diarrhea, hypertension - large intestine meridian

LI12 - Zhouliao - Pain in elbow and arm, numbness of upper limbs

LI13 - Shouwuli - Pain in elbow and arm, somnolence

LI14 - Binao - Pain in shoulder and arm, stiff neck, shortsightedness, night blindness

LI15 - Jianyu - Pain in shoulder and arm, scrofula (tuberculous infection of the lymph nodes in the neck) - large intestine meridian

LI17 - Tianding - Sore throat, loss of voice, sensation of something "stuck" in the throat

LI18 - Futu - Cough, asthma, sore throat, scofula, goiter - large intestine meridian

LI19 - Kouheliao - Toothache, facial paralysis, nose bleeds, nasal polyps

LI20 - Yingxiang - Nasal obstruction, loss of smell or taste, nasal discharge, nasal polyps, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies.

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