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We are born with everything we need to live happy and fulfilled lives...

Here are some tools... 

Let's take responsibility for our own lives! 
Healing Hands

It is up to us to LEARN and make the changes... for a better life... for health and happiness.

Healing Hands

Our Hands... are the physical expression of the amazing possibilities we were born with.

Our hands are the tools with which we can start making real changes in ours and others lives...

We can prepare healthy foodbalance the chakras or trace the body meridians...

We can give and receive - kindness.

Our mind is our greatness... and also our obstacle. What we believe, will be what we are capable of doing.

Welcome! to Natural Health Zone... 

You can find ways to access and activate your own natural healing powers. There are many great tools you can learn and use. 

I am not a physician... but I have tried these methods. And they work!

I think it is time to regain independence and to accept responsibility for our lives.

Some Favorite Healing Pages

Natural Laws and Philosophy

Holistic Healing includes every part of out body, our emotions and our mind, will have an effect on how we feel. Changing one part of the whole will bring on changes in all other areas as well and improve our overall well-being.

The main idea is restoring balance and well-being.

We can start by making changes in any area... and our outlook and life will shift.

Healing is a process…

never static…

always in motion…

Holistic Healing includes all aspects of our lives. We are more than just a body with physical functions. Our happiness is more than hormone levels in our blood.

One step leads to another and slowly different areas of life will start to shift and become balanced. The process of Healing is circular – one thing leads to the next. 

Life is the most amazing opportunity we have, the chance to make this our greatest adventure, our dreams come true, our own personal great story!

And You are the only person who can make this change happen!

You are invited to USE the tools offered here...

You might even get inspired...

Enjoy and be well!

Chana (Janne)

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