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Shaman Drumming for the Shaman Healing Journey

Shaman Drum -

Shaman Music and Healing is an exciting topic...

The shaman drum, the hypnotic rhythm allows us to experience amazing journeys - Shamanic Journeys.

A magical experience... and yes, very powerful.

Shaman Music - Healing Voyage

These recordings were made by a dear friend of mine... a shaman teacher... 

It is not meant for entertainment... just one drum... 

Lay down, cover your eyes with some light fabric... decide on what your 'mission' will be for the journey... 

Turn on the drumming track... step through... from this reality into the other side...

There are fights to be fought... with sword and fire, special places to visit... I've gone to places where 'healing' take place... power meeting places.... encircled with stones...

I can fly and dive through the oceans... talk to animals... be an animal... 

I know it sounds crazy... 

Shaman Journey Tracks - A Treasure 

Shaman Journey Tracks 

12 or 28 minute session

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Shaman Journey Drum Tracks

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What is a Shamanic Journey?

There are different realities, which all are present at the same time... we are just not 'trained' to be in other realities. We are used to the 'normal' day-to-day reality... but is this the only one that is REAL.

Why are other realities, dreaming for example, 'less real'...?

They are part of us and we can access them.

A shamanic journey is not a dream... we are awake... but allow ourselves to enter a different 'level of consciousness' in which we can 'visit' these 'forgotten' worlds.

It is a surprising and eye-opening experience to get detailed answers to very specific questions, to travel to distant places in no time, to go to 'past' encounters and re-live them... even change them...

Are we really traveling, while our body is motionless? What is our mind capable of?

We can cross many frontiers... the possibilities are endless!

The real experience!


Shaman studies with a good teacher greatly facilitates the initial 'crossing' into other levels of reality...

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