How controlled, moderate stress - hormesis - can make us stronger...

'Hormesis (from Greek hórmēsis "rapid motion, eagerness," from ancient Greek hormáein " to set in motion, impel, urge on") is the term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to stressors. A toxin thus has the opposite effect in small doses as in large doses.'



Stimulation - Inhibition and Dosage

The idea that low dose effects may be different is accepted, but that the low dose effect may have a completely different effect is often not considered.


Different is the keyword…


When hearing or reading… that something will NOT influence you because the dose is very small… think again.

This Principle works both ways – some small dose stressors will have health benefits and others will have damaging effects.

Stessors with Positive Health Benefits

Here, focus will be on stressors with 'positive' health benefits.

Stressors can be channeled and controlled, to build muscle, retrain appetite, improve eyesight, build up immunity, overcome allergies, and tame addictions and anger.

We can use stressors to our advantage.

Mild controlled stressors will increases resistance.

Examples for health benefits using the 'Homesis Principle'

* Exercise

It is a stress placed upon the body that increases resistance to a number of health problems like physical exertion, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes and age-related illnesses.

* Intermittent fasting

is one of the most promising forms of hormesis. It is consistent with the variable energy intake our hunter-gatherer ancestors probably experienced.

Tests performed on mice revealed that alternate-day fasting, a version in which food is available for 24 hours and then not available for the next 24 hours, increases lifespan in mice. It increases resistance to neuro-degeneration, stroke, myocardial infarction, toxins, cancer and diabetes in rodents. Basically, it makes them tougher all-around.

Although only a few studies have been performed in humans, Intermittent Fasting looks promising for preventing or reversing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, overweight and possibly other health problems. It can also decrease fasting insulin and increase insulin sensitivity considerably.

* Cold showers

As one form of hydrotherapy, the health benefits of cold water therapy are numerous.

Cold showers provide a gentle form of stress that leads to thermo-genesis (internal generation of body heat), turning on the body’s adaptive repair systems to strengthen immunity, enhance pain and stress tolerance, and ward off depression, overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, and stimulate anti-tumor responses.

Give your body some controlled stress from time to time!

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