The Principles of Yin and Yang

Qi (Chi) - Life Energy

Yin and Yang...

'The way to health and happiness should be open to everyone; it should be practical. Any theory, be it scientific, religious or philosophical, is useless if it is too difficult to understand or impractical for daily living.'

~ George Ohsawa

Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept of duality and opposites, together being ONE.

Yin and Yang - Concept

The concept of yin and yang is not complicated and can be applied in the practical world.

Opposites are found in all things... together forming life energy, the Qi (also known as Chi and Ki).

Balance between these two opposites is the key to a healthy state of life energy... and health.

Balance of Yin and Yang...

The idea of Qi (Chi) suggests that Qi is the basic substance that makes up the universe.

All matter in this universe is born of the transformation of Qi - from Yin to Yang and from Yang to Yin. It is not an abstract theory, but can be perceived through its diverse forms of existence.

What is Qi?

Qi can be perceived in two states: Yin and Yang (yin yang):

Yin - that of dispersion – being formless 

Yang - that of condensation – having form

Qi is dynamic - Formless Qi can transform into objects with form,

and Qi of objects, with form, can revert to formlessness.

The Yin and the Yang

The 'opposites principle' can be applied throughout our daily lives and on every level.

In the natural world everything contains these two opposite components. They not only oppose each other, but also contain each other – one cannot exist without the other – coexisting and interdependent – always complementing each other.

In traditional Chinese medicine all symptomatic diagnoses are based on the philosophy of this principle, the two forces that control the running of the universe.


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The Yin represents the feminine side of nature, encompassing darkness, tranquility, expansion, depth, cold and wetness. The moon and water are Yin elements.

The Yang represents the masculine principle, encompassing light, activity, height, contraction, heat and dryness. The heaven, the sun and fire are Yang elements.

Yin is the force that causes things to expand and rise, Yang causes things to contract and descend.

Chinese medical treatments attempt to reach balance in a patient's body – in order to promote health.

All diseases are due to an imbalance of Qi - Life Energy.

Yin and Yang and Health

Happiness or despair, health or illness, freedom or slavery – all depend upon the way in which we conduct our daily lives and activities. Our behavior is dictated by our judgment. It, in turn, is a result of our comprehension of the structure of the world and the infinite universe.

Every individual has his or her personal characteristics in terms of body build, hot and cold, damp and dry, and excessive or deficient constitution.

Every tissue and organ can be assigned to either Yin or Yang, and at the same time they are inter-connected and function intimately together.

Yin–Yang classification...

Yang – Exterior, head, upper part, back, lateral side of limbs, skin, muscle, upper orifices, and Yang meridians

Yin – Interior, feet, lower part, medial side of limbs, tendons, bones, lower orifices, Yin meridians, essence, blood and body fluids.

Practical applications:

In the spirit of restoring proper balance, some rules of treatment have been established:

“if cold - warm it”;

“if hot cool it”;

“if deficient augment it”;

and “if excessive smaller or eliminate it.”


“in Yang diseases treat Yin”

and “in Yin diseases treat Yang.”

These rules share the goal of restoring balance to Yin–Yang

We need to practice determining the Yin and Yang attributes – in everything we do, see and experience.

Apply the principles:

For Yin conditions – use Yang remedies For Yang conditions – use Yin remedies.

Take a moment to evaluate your condition...

Take the condition of your environment into account – season, noise level, movement, etc...

Many people wish to be cured by others or by some mechanical device, while by-passing their own involvement and personal responsibility,

... the cause of their disease is of their own doing...

A good driver knows the construction, mechanism, value and function of his vehicle and the laws of energy.

Similarly, you are required to know and be the doctor of your own body.

Courage, honesty, justice, happiness and freedom cannot be given to one person by another. You must realize them by yourself and for yourself. If they depend upon others or upon certain conditions, they are all borrowed and not truly your own.

As you learn to distinguish a condition – you will be able to treat it with its opposite (or reinforce with the same) – and regain balance and health.

Wishing You Balance!

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