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Causes of drug addiction...

"Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.”

~ Mark Twain

What are the causes of drug addiction?

My definition of Addiction:

Drug addiction is a search for substitute, to fill a lack, a longing for balance, resulting in an excess intake of either a yin or yang substance.

Let me explain:

I will start with a circle... because cause and effect are circular.

Any changes we make within this circle will change the motion - when I consume a very yin substance I will feel, immediately or a while after, the urge and craving for a very yang substance... it's round - a circular motion.

If I change one aspect it will change the whole.


I originally wrote these pages while overcoming my addiction to smoking. I am convinced that these pages can help anyone who wants to break the cycle of any addiction. 

The addiction recovery tools offered here are based on one basic idea:

The idea of balance... 

I did it! I quit smoking!

The Process of Addiction Recovery

In order to start the process of recovery... the cause of the addiction needs to be understood.

Where does addiction start?
What are the causes of drug addiction?
Habits... When does a habit turn into an addiction?

And most importantly:

How can we get out of this circle?

How can we find the way back to health and balance?


We are slaves when we cannot choose freely, when we NEED, when we have to separate ourselves from our loved ones, so that we can feed the monster inside, demanding the next fix.causes of drug addiction

Addiction Recovery Tools

* Principles of Yin and Yang

It is really important to understand these principles. Yin is the force of expansion and yang the force of contraction.

What's the connection to addictions?

Let's say you want to quit smoking... what force - or energy - is smoking? It is yang... contracting. It is fire?

Now, if you take this yang force out of your life completely... what happens?

You will be out of balance... you will feel yin - meaning... expanded... spacey... not connected... moody.

In order to prevent or at least minimize the imbalance, you can try to reduce further yin influences... such as alcohol or sweets or over eating.

Use a little salt on your tongue or charcoal (very yang)... for quick balance. 

* Yin and Yang in Foods and other Substances 

This page deals with the fine art of giving the body the foods it needs, in order to be balanced. 

You can use this knowledge... whenever you get a craving... know! it's just a signal that you're out of balance... one way or the other.

Alcoholism, for example is an extreme yin imbalance... for this reason alcohol and smoking complement each other... balance of the extremes.

Understanding is the first step...

* How to break bad habits?

The 'bad' habits... are the ones we want to get rid of... we rely on routines and habits... they give our lives a sense of security and stability. 

When do habits or routines turn into addictions? How should we go about changing routines, that have been with us for decades?

Small steps... Cold turkey... commitment for 30 days... 30 days is what it takes to break the habit. Read more... 

Steps we can take to prevent addiction. And - How to change habits/addictions? ... and regain control over our lives... 

* Drug Addiction and Spirituality

Addiction is a compulsive and continuous search for happiness outside ourselves, despite the fact that contentment always eludes us.

This is a different aspect of causes for addiction... emotions and the search for 'happiness' or 'contentment'. Again yin and yang will help understand our frustration... continue reading about the 7 human emotions and elements healing.

It's all connected.

Triggers will become clear and we can prevent them from overwhelming us.

* Acupressure Points are a great help in minimizing cravings. I use them all the time... 

When I was in withdrawal from smoking... knowing where to squeeze was a life saver!

You'll find some smoking dedicated Acupressure Points here as well.

My special section...

* Quit Smoking

It is possible! I did it! You can do it, too!

Take that leap! And...

Before you know it... you'll enjoy the ride!

During my first week Yoel Spitzer's videos were a great help... I recommend watching them...  

The way out - Overcoming the addiction!

Recovery depends on our ability to understand the causes. Most often... the first triggers have long vanished... we have used this road so many times, the 'river bed' has become deep... and we continue flowing through the same old groove... unaware and mindlessly.

We can be Free! –

We can change our Lives...


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causes of drug addiction

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