Raw Food Diet Recipes

My favorite Raw Food Diet Recipes!

I like to keep things simple... and I don't get too fancy in my kitchen.

I enjoy the tastes closest to nature... and I don't get tired of eating a carrot - as is.

My only special kitchen equipment is a blender (I use a simple stick) and the:

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer

Raw Food Diet Recipes -
Breakfast and snacks

For breakfast I usually have a green leafy juice... an incredible way to start the day.

It's an energy boost! I feel clear and ready for anything!

Depending on the season, I may add melon or cucumbers to the leaves. Pure leaves are a bit hard to handle... well... see what you think? 

Later in the day, I might have some nuts, raisins, dates... they are really handy... great to carry in my bag... and taste so good!

Raw - Lunch and dinner

For lunch I usually prepare a big salad. Besides the vegetables and occasional fruit, I always add previously soaked grains and/or nuts... avocado in season is a treat!

Some lemon, olive oil and sea salt... I'm happy!

Raw crackers with a veggie or tahini dip... may be my evening snack. 

As I said, I'm not very sophisticated in the raw food cuisine art.

Here, a link to an inspiring website:

Raw Food RecipesAmazing!


Here, you'll find the most colorful and delicious recipes. Enjoy!

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