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Alkaline Diet Food

Greens: Increase your intake of fresh green vegetables and leaves, by simply having a side salad with every single meal! and...

if you really want to feel a drastic change for the better... add Green smoothies, made from fresh leaves and vegetables, to your daily routine. 

Water: Drink as much clean, alkaline water as possible, every day. Add some activated charcoal to your water - make it a routine. It's a great on-going detox and highly alkaline. 

This alone will have a huge impact on your energy and wellness. 

Exercise: Just get moving! Try the Five Tibetan Rites Routine... or just start walking... Dancing?

At-a-Glance Alkaline Food List

Eat these alkaline foods freely! Try to incorporate as many as you can into your daily diet...

List of Acid Foods

Try to keep these foods to a maximum of 20% of your diet – or avoid altogether

Lookouts & Top Tips

Tip #1 - Fruits

It might come as a surprise that fruits are considered to be acid-forming. This is purely because of their high sugar content. However, you don’t have to avoid it completely and a piece per day as part of a balanced diet is fine. 

Tip #2 - I Thought It Was Acid?! 

There are a few exceptions where intuition goes out of the window and the most obvious of these is lemons and limes being considered as alkaline. This is because they have a high alkaline mineral content and almost no sugar - so they have an alkaline effect on the body after they are consumed. See also: Alkaline Water 

Tip #3 - Soy & Soy Sauce

Soy sauce, miso, tamari and all other fermented foods are acid-forming. This does not apply to the unfermented versions however, and soy sauce & tofu are OK to consume as part of your 20% mildly acid foods. 

Tip #4 - Tea & Coffee

Tea & coffee are, of course, acid-forming - so if you need to cut them from your diet look for substitutes. All herbal teas are alkaline (except for the very fruity ones and green tea, which contains nearly as much caffeine as coffee). 

Tip #5 - Bread

Bread is a tough one for many people, who rely upon it as a quick, filling part of lunch and breakfast. Try sprouted breads – raw breads - which are mildly alkaline. If these are hard to find go for wraps instead of sandwiches and look for yeast free/gluten free varieties. 

Tip #6 - Hydration

Staying properly hydrated is probably the most important element of the alkaline diet. 

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