Chakra Stones

Chakra stones are used on the 7 major Chakra centers on our body. The word chakra translates to spinning wheel, which comes from the idea that chakras are seen as spinning wheels of energy. Chakra centers are energy nodes located along the spine in which vital energy flows through. Every chakra center is connected to physical, emotional, and spiritual states of our body, and the chakra stones are used to balance these states of being.

Chakra stones/crystals/gemstones

The chakra stones are also known as chakra crystals or chakra gemstones. These are all classified as healing stones, or healing crystals. Each stone fits into the category of a crystal or gemstone, grouping them all together. There are hundreds of stones, each possessing some purpose of aiding in spiritual development and balancing one's energy. Each stone focuses on different benefits, including grounding, connecting to emotions, confidence, power, guidance, one's ability to love, self-expression, bliss.

Amethyst Chakra:

Some stones are more common than others, the amethyst stone being one of them. Amethyst stone is one of the many stones that allows one to experience bliss, enlightenment. It is known for activating spiritual awareness and making one more aware.

Reiki Chakra

Reiki stone is also a very popular healing stone, containing many long term benefits. The Reiki stone helps achieve relaxation and soothes pain. It is also very useful for stress reduction and clearing the mind.

Citrine Chakra

Citrine stone is another popular healing stone, often associated with specifically the solar plexus. The citrine stone activates creativity and self-expression. It aids the mind in focus and concentration.

Quartz Chakra

Quartz stone is one of the most commonly used healing stones. Quartz is the stone of power and focuses on energy and intention while enhancing one's psychic abilities.

Jade Chakra

Jade stone is also very common. Jade is commonly used for helping with stress and anxiety, as well as love and power.

Fluorite Chakra

Fluorite stone is popular for its powers of concentration. Along with helping one focus, fluorite is said to aid in self-confidence and decision-making.

Apatite Chakra

Apatite stone is another common healing stone. Apatite, which has many colors or stones, helps with self-expression, honesty, and communication.

Amazonite Chakra

Amazonite stone is also known for helping with self-expression. Along with the ability for one to express the self, amazonite also focuses on aiding in one's ability to love.

Chakra Stones/Crystals Meditation

The idea around crystal meditation is that when the energy flow in the chakra is blocked and unbalanced, this will result in negative issues with one's emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual being. Chakra stones and crystals are used to unblock and balance the chakras to clear and heal which benefits our overall well-being. The stone used depends on the desired type of healing one is focusing on - this will also determine what chakra the meditation is done on. There are many forms of meditation that can be used to get the effect of these stones. This can be done by laying down, or standing, and placing it on the location of the preferred chakra on the body. Holding the stone in your hands, wearing it as jewelry or another way of keeping it close to your body will also suffice. One must focus and use their mind and intention to allow the stones to connect with the chakras. The goal is to become more aware of the energy and become connected with it to balance it out. 

7 Major Chakras

Each of the chakra stones are typically used with the chakra (center) it is associated with. This is determined by the color associated with each chakra, which corresponds with the color of the stone it is associated with.

Chakra Healing Crystals/Stones Chart:

1st Chakra; Root

Focuses on and connect to your foundation, grounding, stability, physical activity, identity

Color: Red/black

Location: Base of the spine/tailbone

Stones: Hematite, garnet, ruby, rose quartz, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, black obsidian and more

2nd Chakra; Sacral

Focuses on and connect to emotion, feelings, sexuality/desire, creativity

Color: Orange

Location: Lower abdomen

Stones: Carnelian, orange calcite, moonstone, coral, fluorite, fire opal and more

3rd Chakra; Solar Plexus

Focuses on and connect to confidence, responsibility, power, our ability to be in control

Color: Yellow

Location: Upper abdomen

Stones: Citrine, yellow jasper, amber, golden calcite, yellow/golden topaz, yellow jade and more

4th Chakra; Heart

Focuses on and connect to our ability to love and open our hearts, our compassion, joy

Color: Pink/green

Location: Above heart, center of chest

Stones: Rose quartz, green aventurine, jade, peridot, amazonite, malachite, rosasite, Reiki, and more

5th Chakra; Throat

Focuses on and connect to communication, ability to express ourselves, truth/honesty

Color: Blue

Location: Throat

Stones: Aquamarine, turquoise, sodalite, angelite, amazonite, apatite, lapis lazuli and more

6th Chakra; Third Eye

Focuses on and connect to intuition, guidance, awareness, ability to focus

Color: Indigo

Location: Forehead, between eyes

Stones: Lapis Lazuli, moonstone, amethyst, purple fluorite, azurite, blue apatite and more

7th Chakra; Crown

Focuses on and connect to our spirituality/energy, consciousness, enlightenment/bliss

Color: Violet/white

Location: Top of the head

Stones: (Lavender) Amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, white calcite, white jade, labradorite, Reiki and more

Chakra Stones Bracelet

Chakra stone jewelry is one of the many ways to keep chakra stones with you at all times. Chakra crystals are said to be able to create awareness and focus on keeping the chakras balanced, and this can be done through wearing jewelry with the crystals/stones. Chakra stone necklaces, bracelets, and even rings, can simply be worn as an accessory and allow the crystal's energy to surge from the crystal to your body as you wear it. This is possible through the theory that when negative energy leaves the chakra, it gets trapped in the bracelet. The energy is then replaced by positive energy which is emitted from the stones and balances out the chakra.

Are Chakras Real

The validity of chakras has been debated overtime, and whether chakras are real or not, still remains. Chakras are believed to have originated from Hindu, as the earliest evidence of them was found in Hindu scripture. There is also evidence of a similar concept being used later on in Buddhism, both of which hold many of today's believers. Although there is no scientific evidence that chakras exist and have the ability to heal, their existence and purpose of healing is widely believed by many. Chakras are a spiritual concept, having to do with energy, emotion and one's state of mind, which is why there is no real way to measure or identify them. This lack of evidence causes skepticism on the topic. Individuals who believe in the existence of chakra alignment often practice or have experienced this healing themselves. We are aware of the strong energy force within our bodies, but it still cannot be proven that these energy fields are chakras. It is up to each person to decide whether or not they believe in the existence of chakras.


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