Simplicity - Simplify your Life... Less is MORE!

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'

Leonardo DaVinci

Simplify your Life...? 

How did everything get so complicated? It happens unnoticed... we try to make everything fit into our busy lives... we learned 'multi-tasking'... we are stressed-out!

We are achievers... not 'wasting' any time. Time. The clock... tic-toc-tic

We need to stop for a second.

What will the things you do today, mean to you... let's say... a week from now?

What will be of importance?

Will you feel proud, successful, fulfilled? Does your life have purpose? So... What counts? Which are the moments we'll remember?

I think the moments, we are completely absorbed in an action, in the present moment. Completely there... playing with our child - and doing nothing else... no phone-calls!

Now... not later!

Simplicity is a form of Art - a Philosophy of Life - it takes some time to be mastered - ZEN

At work - doing your job - professionally - one task at a time - completely there.

It is not such a difficult change to accomplish. It will make you feel free and light. The only thing to start doing and practicing is:


We hold on to grudges, to memories, to things that revive memories, to past love, to schedules, etc...

Fear of letting anything go is a big reason for our cluttered lives.

Fear is legitimate - it happens because we want it all - our need for being admired, doing well, being perfect... Super-men and women -

We Cannot allow ourselves to FAIL.

The funny thing is, that once we let go... we still achieve... often better than before...

Now it's coming from a healthy, calm and clear place.

A very enjoyable place.


Simplicity for Health - How can we get there?

To simplify life starts in your immediate surroundings... our closet, our desk, the kitchen and bathroom... on to... the way we work... and the relationships (friendships) we 'nourish' and invest in.

This is one basic concept... it can change everything in your life... it depends on how far you want to go... and you are the only one who is in charge.

You make the decisions and set the pace.

De-clutter... Organize!

Simplicity implies reducing...

So... look at your desk... what are the essential (real need) things you cannot do without?

Pen, paper... lamp... 3 trays – In/Out/Standby...(?) updated and re-organized weekly... and computer... (I guess it's essential now-a-days).

That's it.

For me anyway... the rest is clutter or procrastination – (also clutter... especially in the mind).

Go on... take a look at your closet... which clothes are you actually wearing? Waiting for that special occasion... when you'll be thin again... and the weather will be just right... and you'll really want to wear that dress you wore when you were... ahh... 20 years younger?

Get rid of the sentimental clutter... make room for new ideas... new feelings and for – simple choices.

You can go on... kitchen... all those utensils... you never use. OUT!

The floor... make space... create clarity.

Your environment affects you... this is your living space... your workspace... create an environment that calms and promotes focus on the ONE thing you intend to do.

ONE task at a time!

It takes some time to stop the multi-tasking mentality...

It has become 'normal' to do several activities at the same time. Well...

Do you want to simplify your life?

Stop doing this...

Think first – then do... and do it ONCE and do it completely and correctly. Get it done and off your 'desk' (mind).

Try to do only this one thing... don't think of what you will do next... while you're still busy doing this one thing.When done… enjoy! – For a minute…? You can take that moment...Think – Plan - Focus – Complete the task.

All areas of life will feel much better – when kept simple.

It's all a matter of the energy... the vibration we send out - and the vibration of our surroundings. When these vibrations are harmonious together - health and calmness are the result.

We can apply this principle to many areas of our life:

* Simplicity in the Home - Declutter!

Whether it's due to poor habits, a packrat spouse, or an advanced case of affluenza, too many home managers struggle under the burden of household clutter.

Time to de-clutter! But when you're peering over piles, mounds and stacks of stuff, it's hard to know where to begin and what to do.

* Your Time - Set Priorities...

Use your time effectively and avoid stress and rushing through life...

Being able to set priorities is the key to getting organised and making the most of your time.

But how do you set priorities for your day-to-day tasks and activities as well as specific action items for your goals in order to make sure you’re not letting anything slip through the cracks?

* Organize and Simplify your Budget - Your Money

Pay debts – get a grip on your budget – be aware and simplify your spending –

Whether you are married or single, taking control of the household finances can feel like a part-time job. Some simple tips can help you streamline your time, organize your finances, and reduce the stress of household money matters.

* Your thoughts...

Take a close look at those thoughts... - 'pop-ups' – they too, need to be taken care of. – Completely at 100%. They will only go away when you have looked at them and taken the needed steps to move them to the DONE tray of your mind.

The concept of simplicity is an ongoing process. It needs to be developed and integrated into daily life.

You will be amazed at how little a person really needs... and how refreshing and free the feeling of space –

uncluttered, clean, clear space.

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