Self Growth...
and Self Improvement...

Self Growth requires the longing and openness to change - the realization that work on one self is needed.

Teachers and tools will help on the way to create the life we desire...

There are many ways to help create the life we desire...

The problem is that nothing really changes unless WE take the steps to make the changes needed to get to this life.

The right changes will lead to personal growth - with new insights - and self improvement, and with this, to life improvement...

Self Growth - Life Improvement

Self improvement tools are a great help in finding the way, get inspired, understanding the connection between cause and effect, and making the changes for a better, healthier and happier life.

If you enjoy the 'Self Growth' pages... the topics in Philosophy of Life might also interest you.

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Self Improvement Pages

* The True Meaning of Success

'Success is the realization of our dreams, goals, and ideas.'Since everyone has somewhat different dreams... the achievement of success will be related to these individual targets.

* Giving and Receiving

Learn the Art of Giving... and Receiving...

* Simplicity

Simple things in life are the most valuable in the long run. We can start with clearing the clutter on the desk, in our minds and thoughts - talk to the point - and focus on the ONE thing at a time - with 100% focus.

* Flexibility

When nothing ever stays the same – everything is in constant movement and change – nothing is static - How can we use this dynamic energy and flow with it?

* Joy of Life!...

Where can Joy be found? It's not in the past or future... it's in the PRESENT... when not looking. It cannot be captured or preserved. Joy needs freedom...When did you last have a good LAUGH?

* How to break bad Habits

All of us are creatures of habit. Developing habits is normal and necessary. Some habits help us to be more efficient. But other habits are disturbing...


* Change your self esteem, change your life!
Your self esteem has an impact in every aspect of your life, your relationships, physical condition, work and even your finances.It is the source of your success, fulfillment, well-being and happiness.If you think this is a bold statement, think again.Where you are right now is the result of experiences you had and choices and decisions you have made during your whole life.

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