Natural Anxiety Treatment

Is there a natural anxiety treatment?

The answer is: YES!

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is related to worry but less mentally focussed. Anxiety can result from feeling out of control, or at the mercy of events around you. While worry is mostly focused on the future, anxiety is more immediate.

If you've ever had an anxiety attack, you know how uncomfortable it can be.

Feeling the ground under your feet disolve... dizziness and fear... a pounding heart with shortness of breath and extreme emotional agitation... trying desperately to hold it all together without grabbing on to some furniture or wall to get a grip?

There is help!

Acupressure Points for Anxiety Reduction

In body meridian theory, anxiety is an imbalance in Qi flow in the heart meridian.

Interestingly, the spleen meridian compliments the heart meridian. Anxiety is sometimes a reflection of exessive worry holding energy in the spleen and causing deficiency in the heart meridian.

PC7 - Calms the spirit. Used for mania, hysteria, insomnia, panic, fear, sadness and weariness.

PC6 - Calms the spirit. Used for palpitations, anxiety and shock. Good for nausea.

TW5 - Regulates Qi flow through the meridian; can be used for excess fear.

HT7 - Used for anxiety, palpitations, fear, sighing, forgetfulness, mania and depression.

HT5 - Used for palpitations associated with fear, heart pounding, headache, anxiety and fear with people.

LU1 - This point opens the chest and allows deeper breathing. It helps to balance and release stored emotions.

CV17 - Used for calming and centering, nervousness, anxiety and depression.

natural anxiety treatment

Easing Depression with Acupressure

In oriental medicine, depression and anger are both imbalaces in the liver and gallbladder meridians. Depression ... or Blues... is often seen as the opposite side of anger - anger turned against itself.

Maybe you feel your life has no purpose, or you've lost connection to your heart. Take some time to connect with yourself... using the following acupoints.

LR3 - The liver meridian Source Point, which assists the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body. Provides an overall calming effect.

LR5 - Eases depression, fear and palpitations.

GB20 - Relieves irritability and clears the mind.

GB21 - Relieves frustration, irritability and fatigue.

LU1 - This point opens the chest and allows deeper breathing. It balances and releases stored emotions.

KI27 - Used for headaches due to mental strain, mental fatigue, disorientation, anxiey, palpitations and irritability.

CV14 and CV17 - Used for calming and centering, nervousness, anxiety, depression and fear.

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