How to Boost Immune System ...

Boosting your Immune System with Qi

How to boost Immune System

Fighting Colds, Preventing Illness and Relieving some Chronic Conditions...

The impact that 'small' maladies like the common cold, the flu, and other chronic conditions can have on our daily lives, is often underestimated...

Even minor symptoms like an annoying cough or a slight fever can prevent us from performing at our best.

In addition, these irritating illnesses tend to linger... until they eventually wear us down and take toll on our immune system and energy levels.

It is important to fight off these conditions before they grow into bigger problems...

Acu-Points - Stregthening the Immune System

By using Acupressure we can keep our immune system strong enough to fight off 'invaders' (cold and flu symptoms, infections, etc...) before they ever get a chance to do any harm.

In Chinese medicine, health and immune system depend on proper balance and flow of Qi. Qi nourishes and sustains the body and without balanced qi, we lose vital energy... an open door to illness.

Bodywork to boost the immune system

Work the points listed below, using sustained pressure on points that feel too empty or alternating pressure on points that feel too full.

Work each point for 1-3 minutes.

  • Use bilateral holds on KI3LR3, and SP6. Press each one in turn and repeat until soreness is reduced or you have an overall sense of flow. Repeat at least three times.
  • Use bilateral holds on ST36 and KI27. Alternate pressure between these two points for three rotations.
  • Alternately press LI11 on both arms.
  • End by pressing CV17 for 3 minutes.

To end the session, lie down quietly and give yourself the time to allow the qi to balance through your system.

Acupoints for quick reference

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