Body Frequencies  

So much depends on our Body Frequencies...

Body Frequencies... Feeling great... on top of the world... or down, exhausted and sick...

High or low frequencies?

Frequency - definition

"the number of occurrences of a repeating current flow per second"

The subject of body frequencies is little known or understood by most people. But given an understanding of it, you will find it most fascinating.

The world of frequencies

Living in a world of frequencies and vibration... or energy... we are part of the whole system. Every cell of our body vibrates – everything has its optimal frequency - 

Optimal frequency is when all is in order - when we are in balance, our vibration is in unison with the law of vibration - when we are in tune and each cell of our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to... there is no effort, no conflict.

Our thoughts are vibrations, too – we can change our perception by changing our frequency. Our thoughts make up our personal world.

It is so difficult to live with depression, headaches or chronic fatigue...

The good news:

We can actively make some changes... a great place to start is to question our thoughts and beliefs... question the concepts we live by. See also: Philosophy of life... and of course the wonderful Work of Byron Katie.

When we look at our health conditions - from an energy point of view - we can feel the imbalance and disharmony... and by re-balancing our frequencies - we have the power to improve our situation... in a drastic way.

The state of ‘balance’ is achieved when we are synchronized with the frequencies, when we are in our natural state... when there is no effort for any part of the body and mind. We are in harmony with the natural frequencies, we are part of the whole.

A healthy cell has a certain frequency; a healthy mind is at just the right frequency, too.

Our health can be greatly affected by high or low frequencies within the body. We can manipulate and change the frequencies, and become balanced and prevent, treat, or even cure dis-eases.

Frequency Range

The frequency in a healthy person is higher than in someone who is not.

Scientists have discovered that each illness has a different frequency, which is always within a defined range. Therefore, in administering frequency treatment, unhealthy or diseased cells regain complete vital force by reacting to very precise levels of frequencies while healthy cells in that same area are not affected.

Laughter raises our frequencies! Happy people have higher frequencies, and for this reason are less prone to disease.

The food we eat, affects our body frequencies as well.

Healthy Frequencies in the Human Body

There are many ways to change our frequencies... and lift them to a healthy level.

* We can eat healthy food. Eat 'life promoting food' such as fruits and vegetables... and try adding nutrients to our diet. Read more...

* We can detox our bodies and consume less or none of the harmful 'food' we are so addicted to. (mainly animal products... and other harmful, depressant substances...). Read about: Detox, Addictions, Harmful food...

* We can balance our body meridians and chakra centers. Use Acu-pressure and other energy healing methods.

* Exercise, too, will raise our body frequencies. Try the five Tibetan rites exercises...

* Or apply the harmonious frequencies with the help of tuning forks... frequencies applied...

body frequencies

Recommended Reading

Some very interesting information on the use of frequencies for treatment of disease...

A physicist's view of Dr. Rife's non-drug treatment and cure of microbial associated diseases. 

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