Acupressure Points
for Health Maintenance and Quick Relief

Acupressure Points - An Ancient Healing Art

Acupressure (Acupressure points) is an ancient healing art that uses pressure on specific points on the body with the goal of relieving pain and discomfort which may be caused by energy imbalance or blockage.

Acu-points are located on the body meridians and can be used to restore the natural energy flow, and thereby restore well-being.

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Acupressure Points for Health Maintenance

How Acupressure works?

The foundation of Energy Medicine is the belief that balanced energy force is imperative for good health and emotional well-being. Acupressure moves and manipulates this energy to create a balanced state, effectively treating pain and illness - with acu-points.

Generally speaking, acu-points are small, round areas that can feel 'charged'. They function as little relay stations for the qi flow along the meridians.

By applying pressure in a small circular motion, the energy flow is restored.

Acu-point Qi-Flow and Application Technique

Acu-points can be 'full' - If an acupoint has excess qi, it's holding too much energy, it's full.

Full points may feel as if they protrude above the skin line and may feel swollen and warm. If a point has been full for a long time, it may feel hard.

When you press, these points usually resist your pressure.

Pressure Application Technique - Stretch the area around the full point, to disperse the blockage.

Use sedating or dispersing techniques. Sink to the level of resistance and then pulse the pressure by alternately holding and releasing the point.

Acu-points can be 'empty' - If an acupoint has too little energy (as a result of others being full), it is empty.

Pressure Application Technique - You want to tonify, which means to fill and strengthen it. Use sustained pressure with thumb or fingertip to the level of resistance, and hold it until it changes (3-4 minutes).

Acu-points function normally - These acu-points are maintaining an even flow of qi along the meridian.

Certain Meridian Acu-points are naturally Sedating Points and others are Strengthening. These may be used to achieve calming or re-vitalizing effects.

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