About me...

What makes us truly happy?

About me... and also about you!


My name is Chana (Janne), and I am on this journey, called life, together with you.

Writing the pages for this website has been a great learning experience for me... an on-going process... making me look at some topics and questions closer... and has given me the chance to meet some wonderful and exceptional people.

I live in Jerusalem. I am learning and sharing... a student always.

I studied Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and acupressure... and different energy healing techniques. I have experience in healing by ways of food choices and diet changes... 

I am also a Healing Practitioner, which has brought new amazing aspects to my life.

Lately, I practice "the work" as presented by Byron Katie. It is truly miraculous. I can say for myself that it has changed my life. I am free.

We sometimes find it difficult to make changes... changes in routines, habits or even addictions.

How can we achieve a better life? It's not all about suffering... it's about feeling good... being happy and satisfied... What does 'being healthy' really mean?

I believe you may find some answers here, in this website, which could change your life. 

Writing these pages have truly changed mine.

While looking for a website building platform, I came across SBI. My idea had been to write and to make the information accessible, to reach out. It turned out to be quite the success!

I found SBI, a very user friendly website platform - which enabled me to spend time writing these pages (rather than trying to figure out html codes, etc...). It is very easy! And it not only enabled me to write and share, and meet many very beautiful people, it also turned into an extra income. 

My intention had not been to start a business... but it really turned out well!

If you are interested in building your own website - maybe starting your own business or writing about something you are enthusiastic about... SBI is a very good place to make this a reality...

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My photography website...

Another life passion is art and photography... some of my photographs are included in this website... if you enjoy them and are interested in seeing more... Chana's Photography.

I hope you find some helpful information on the pages of Natural Health Zone.

If you are interested in any particular topic... Feel free to contact me...

I believe happiness is a choice...

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