How you can support Natural Health Zone...?

Everything on Natural Health Zone is free.

This is important to me.

The information is available to everyone.


I believe, the information and tools available here, can lead to a better and happier life.

It is my pleasure to share.

How you can support Natural Health Zone?

Many of my readers have asked me for possibilities to give something in return.

For these readers, I am writing this page.

How can you support?... how can you contribute to the effort invested in Natural Health Zone? 

Here are ways you can give.

  • A while back, I started integrating Adsense ads on the pages of Natural Health Zone. Opening (clicking on) an advertisement (that might interest you), is a way for you to give. Read: How Adsense works... It won't cost you anything... and for every click, a small amount is paid to the website owner.

  • You can buy a postcard... or a print... of one of my photographs. I love painting and photography. You can find my photographs here: My Photographs. I receive a small amount of your purchase.
Photography Prints
Photography Prints
Sell Art Online

  • Amazon... You can buy a recommended book (or anything else from Amazon, for that matter) at: ´╗┐Library´╗┐. Anything you purchase, after entering the Amazon website from the Library page, will contribute a (very) small amount to Natural Health Zone.
  • Lastly, you can make a donation. ´╗┐

Your contributions are used to pay for Natural Health Zone expenses... 

Thank you very much!

Chana (Janne)

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